5 Top Facebook Digital Marketing Pages You Should Follow in 2015

By April 13, 2015 Facebook Marketing

There are a numerous number of Digital Marketing news pages, but which are really worthy to follow? Below is the list of top pages in 2015 that bring you best tips, advice and will keep you updated in Digital Marketing, so you will always stay on the cutting edge of new trends.

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Let’s have a look at Top 5 Facebook pages that should be in your timeline.

1. Mashable – Social Media

With almost 350k people following Mashable Facebook page, they are on the top of current news pages. Getting over 5 daily posts you will be updated about the latest news in social media, some tips for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, etc.

2. Social Media Today

These guys regularly have interviews with specialists in Digital Marketing, along with reviewing current marketing tools. They also organize webinars and will tell you a lot about Social Media, data analysis and current updates at marketing market.

3.The Digital Marketing Podcast

If you also want to update your podcast playlist, this page is definitely for you to follow! Digital marketing podcasts lasting almost half an hour cover all of the latest Internet marketing news, trends and the best practice from top specialists.

4. Advertising Age

This page is a must if you are a fan of commercials. Here you will be updated with the newest trends in advertising, as well as the old ones, their timelines going back to 1932! Don’t lose a chance to find out the history of ad development.

5. Econsultancy

This is a fascinating page for those who are in love with numbers, ever week they deliver a stats roundup that will keep you up to date with the latest digital marketing and ecommerce trends. They write a lot about SEO, business trends, online tools and Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing is the area that changes every moment and Facebook pages give us a great opportunity to stay updated and follow these changes.facebook-logo-thumbs-up_small

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