Effective combination of Match Types for your AdWords Campaign

By April 7, 2015 AdWords

While creating your AdWords Campaign it is always a big question, what match type to choose. Google AdWords provides 5 different keyword match types that we can use while making our campaign. Each of them has their pros and cons. Here is a graphic illustrating their coverage.

Word Match

According to the picture Broad Match is the most extensive while exact is the most precise. To illustrate the difference let’s take a phase Beach Resorts in California and see what will be the search results for each type.

Table - Match Type Google AsWords

One of the effective ways how to increase the relevant clicks is using the mix of match types while creating your AdWords Campaign.

The best combination of match types that we use at CadaDia for our clients is BMM, Exact Match and Negative. Let’s look at these types more closely.

BMM(Broad match modifier) allows you to use modified terms in any order. Keep in mind, BMM will not show synonyms or a related searches, that’s why it is an effective way to get relevant clicks on your ad.

To make BMM, just add plus sign (+) before each word. As an example:

+Beach +Resorts +in +California

Exact Match uses the exact term, only when someone search for exact keyword that you set your ad will appear. It is the most specific of the keyword match types. This is good way to get exectly your client.

To make exact match – you should put it in brackets ([ ])

[Beach Resorts in California]

Negative type is definitely one of the most useful tools that we can use at Google for Ad Campaign. For example you are selling Brand new bicycles and there is a lot of traffic of people looking for second hand bicycle, so they adding craigslist or eBay, so you can significantly save your ad budget just adding negative keywords as eBay, Craigslist, etc. So your ad will not be shown at pages where people looking for these platform.

To make negative, just add sign () before the word:


We also would recommend creating different ad groups for each of the type, it will allow you easily make any changes to the campaign and see what type brings highest conversion.

Match types are a great tool that helps to optimize your campaigns and get the highest quality traffic, so you can find the client who is looking for your product or service.

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